"What are you tracking?", that question comes up, and I'm usually embarassed to answer it under 30 seconds. It is easier to dump the list here:

body weight
body fat mass
base heart rate
blood pressure
time slept

contactless sleep monitor prototype 4 (zero extra routine cf. article "sleep monitor prototype 4")

contactless base heart rate, breathing rate, lack of snoring (beddit)

breath holding: time and SpO2 saturation

bedroom CO2 concentration
bedroom volatile organic compounds concentration
bedroom temperature (x2)
bedroom relative humidity
bedroom air dust concentration
bedroom background radioactivity
bedroom EMF exposure at 2.4GHz (WiFi speed tests)
bedroom light levels
travels destinations distances and travels activities
kettlebell sessions
heart rate variability - emWave2 eliteHRV
quantified meditation in cold baths with HRV
music playlists
dual n-back - brainworkshop

Air Traffic Control stats

anki spaced repeated system



time spent on applications

breath acetone while fasting

kitchen temperature

kitchen EMF exposure at 2.4GHz (WiFi speed tests)

kitchen relative humidity

kitchen volatile organic compounds concentration
kitchen light


in-ear circadian rhythm monitor

NO from UV light



near infrared plants monitor

CO2 concentration vs plants vs time of day analysis (not worth it, just leave your window slightly open!)

urine strips colour analysis through computer vision (Summer 2012)

polyphasic sleep (2007)
commute time
SpO2 blood saturation vs barometric pressure on planes

contactless automated back posture monitoring (not Lumoback!)

SEBR spontaneous eye blink rate

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