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extracting YOUR data from the withings smart body analyzer ws-50

The top of line Withings scale smart body analyzer was released in April 2013. However to this day, 8 months later, it is still impossible to extract the CO2 and temperature data through the API or download these as CSV file. Their customer support just keep tossing the issue under the carpet labeled "forwarded to engineering department", meanwhile they are just busy releasing other botched products.

So I had to figure out a way to get MY data, here is how you can get yours using just firefox:

designing sleep monitors prototype 2

Please check out the first part of my sleep monitors series first.
Back in May 2011, unsatisfied with the "software" solution I developed with the first prototype, I started developing a "hardware" based solution to develop a contactless sleep actigraph monitor.

And that's what I came up with:

Withings Smart Body Analyser WS-50

This week I received the Withings Smart Body Analyser or WS-50. I already had their original wifi scale so it was able to integrate my previous weight/fat history with the new scale. The WS-50 in addition to weight and body fat measure adds resting heart rate, temperature and CO2 measurements.

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