emwaving like a boss

I reached a ceiling after practicing through 100 emwave sessions: 97% in high coherence at the "highest challenge" level for 10 min.

who spoke when

Did you notice the coloured bar with stripes under the video?

LondonQS meetup

Once again I ran a group analysis, this time on the LondonQS meetup group based on the same script used recently in http://counterinception.com/content/meetup

results for LondonQS here: http://counterinception.com/sites/default/files/LondonQS.meetup.html

You can notice:



I wrote a R script to analyse the dynamics of meetup groups as I was trying to figure out how it is possible to join Data-Science-London meetups.

For now the script provides basic statistics difficult to gather from the website.You can find the results here http://counterinception.com/sites/default/files/meetup.html

I managed to pull a few interesting nuggets, if you are trying to join any Data-Science-London meetup you will be interested to know:


designing sleep monitors prototype 3

In order to verify my arduino based prototype, by the end of 2011, I decided to use the depth infrared camera from a kinect to verify "visually" that it works.

I am not going to watch 8 hours of someone sleeping, I'll just get a computer to do that, so I learned some basics for "computer vision" in R.
Here I am using frame subtracting by importing each greyscale frame from the depth camera and subtracting it to the next frame. This way I can identify changes and how small/large are these changes between each frame.
Here is a sample,

opening Heartmath emwave2 database

Inspired by Dave Asprey's bulletproofexec post on the Heartmath emwave2 I decided to get one.

I found the device great to quantify meditation/mindfulness sessions. However the software is really limited, so I started to look around the harddrive for the data.It turns out you can find your emwave results stored in a sqlite database file in My Documents\emWave\emwave.emdb.

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