the End of the World

This morning my Withings scale is telling me it's going to be hot, "the-end-of-the-world" kind of hot.

Withings scale reporting weather on Venus

Don't panic.

That's today's weather on Venus, not Earth. You're not missing out though, it's very monotonous and boring over here: acid sulfuric storms everyday [1].


Anyway, this brings about 2 features of that scale: geo-located weather as shown in the picture, and geo-located gravity force, or what Withings marketing team calls "gravity compensation" [2], i.e. it adjusts the weighted value with the local gravitational acceleration value to derive your mass (remember W = m*g) [3] .


Does "gravity compensation" matter?

"Not at all" that's how much it matters. Because you only need precision [3], that is repeatable and reproducible measurements.

...Unless you're also in my case, regularly commuting between Earth and Venus and taking your scale wherever you go.






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