the End of the World

This morning my Withings scale is telling me it's going to be hot, "the-end-of-the-world" kind of hot.

Withings scale reporting weather on Venus

Don't panic.

That's today's weather on Venus, not Earth. You're not missing out though, it's very monotonous and boring over here: acid sulfuric storms everyday [1].


consuming podcasts

podcasts/vidcasts are enjoying tremendous growth through itunes podcast directory[1], youtube channels and similar services. it is now easy to get overwhelmed under the amount of quality content mostly available for free. Some people overconsume a lot of podcast/vidcast/youtube channels/series. I'm one of them. There is just never enough time, so find a few tips to cope with the overload:


Red Pill: own your data

The state of the Internet of Things is bleak and it is looking to get a lot worse.

Sure, we are getting more connected devices at home: laptops, tablets, smartphones, fitness trackers... But the applications and services being used are gradually based on more and more sharing with third-party advertisers and aggregators to lock you in their ecosystem to make it more likely you will buy more of their stuff. And these devices only get more powerful with time, more apps, more complexity, more potential for adware, spyware and malware...



In this post I will share what's defining my drive in the quantified self.

straps are OK as long as they are not for selfquantifying

The straps in the picture above are the ONLY acceptable straps.

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