In this post I will share what's defining my drive in the quantified self.

straps are OK as long as they are not for selfquantifying

The straps in the picture above are the ONLY acceptable straps.

designing sleep monitors prototype 3

In order to verify my arduino based prototype, by the end of 2011, I decided to use the depth infrared camera from a kinect to verify "visually" that it works.

I am not going to watch 8 hours of someone sleeping, I'll just get a computer to do that, so I learned some basics for "computer vision" in R.
Here I am using frame subtracting by importing each greyscale frame from the depth camera and subtracting it to the next frame. This way I can identify changes and how small/large are these changes between each frame.
Here is a sample,

designing sleep monitors prototype 2

ePlease check out the first part of my sleep monitors series first.
Back in May 2011, unsatisfied with the "software" solution I developed with the first prototype, I started developing a "hardware" based solution to develop a contactless sleep actigraph monitor.

And that's what I came up with:

Under the mess of wires, there is an arduino controlling:
.an annoying buzzer for the alarm

designing sleep monitors prototype 1

A few years ago, I was looking to improve my sleep. Measuring it would be a start. However I was not satisfied with any sleep monitors on the market.

I needed a non invasive, no "additional daily routine" solution, ready to trade accuracy for maximum convenience.
So back in late 2010 I started work on my first prototype, contactless sleep monitor based on actigraphy.

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