I wrote a R script to analyse the dynamics of meetup groups as I was trying to figure out how it is possible to join Data-Science-London meetups.

For now the script provides basic statistics difficult to gather from the website.You can find the results here

I managed to pull a few interesting nuggets, if you are trying to join any Data-Science-London meetup you will be interested to know:

.the waiting list is larger than the number of available seats, the trend is getting worse

.on average 55 members drop out from the confirmed list within 6 hours of the event

.all spots are taken after just 1 hour of the announcement of the event, here as well the trend is getting worse

.being available to rsvp on on Thursdays or Fridays around 12h30 is pretty much your only chance to score a seat because that's usually when the organiser is posting new events

The data can be found here if you would like to run your own analysis with other tools. All that data is publicly available just by browsing the website or the API. The script just makes it less tedious to collect that information.

I hope groups organisers and users will find this script useful, you just need your own API key and provide it with a group name that API key has access to. I am also interested to hear about other tools leveraging the API.

The script is stored at

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