ketosis trackers

Quantified Bob did a great job at sorting available options for ketone testing[1].

There is an additional and cheaper way to measure breath acetone that he's not mentioning: tin dioxide alcohol breathalysers!

Tin dioxide sensors are sensible to various combustible gases: alcohols, aldehydes, ketones..

the End of the World

This morning my Withings scale is telling me it's going to be hot, "the-end-of-the-world" kind of hot.

consuming podcasts

podcasts/vidcasts are enjoying tremendous growth through itunes podcast directory[1], youtube channels and similar services. it is now easy to get overwhelmed under the amount of quality content mostly available for free. Some people overconsume a lot of podcast/vidcast/youtube channels/series. I'm one of them. There is just never enough time, so find a few tips to cope with the overload:


emwaving like a boss

I reached a ceiling after practicing through 100 emwave sessions: 97% in high coherence at the "highest challenge" level for 10 min.

RedPill: setup

What's RedPill?  follow that link

How to set it up? You need:

write the unzipped raspbian iso file from on the microSD

who spoke when

Did you notice the coloured bar with stripes under the video?

Red Pill: own your data

The state of the Internet of Things is bleak and it is looking to get a lot worse.

Sure, we are getting more connected devices at home: laptops, tablets, smartphones, fitness trackers... But the applications and services being used are gradually based on more and more sharing with third-party advertisers and aggregators to lock you in their ecosystem to make it more likely you will buy more of their stuff. And these devices only get more powerful with time, more apps, more complexity, more potential for adware, spyware and malware...

extracting YOUR data from the withings smart body analyzer ws-50

The top of line Withings scale smart body analyzer was released in April 2013. However to this day, 8 months later, it is still impossible to extract the CO2 and temperature data through the API or download these as CSV file. Their customer support just keep tossing the issue under the carpet labeled "forwarded to engineering department", meanwhile they are just busy releasing other botched products.

So I had to figure out a way to get MY data, here is how you can get yours using just firefox:


"What are you tracking?", that question comes up, and I'm usually embarassed to answer it under 30 seconds. It is easier to dump the list here:

body weight
body fat mass
base heart rate
blood pressure
time slept

contactless sleep monitor prototype 4 (zero extra routine cf. article "sleep monitor prototype 4")

contactless base heart rate, breathing rate, lack of snoring (beddit)

breath holding: time and SpO2 saturation

LondonQS meetup

Once again I ran a group analysis, this time on the LondonQS meetup group based on the same script used recently in

results for LondonQS here:

You can notice:



I wrote a R script to analyse the dynamics of meetup groups as I was trying to figure out how it is possible to join Data-Science-London meetups.

For now the script provides basic statistics difficult to gather from the website.You can find the results here

I managed to pull a few interesting nuggets, if you are trying to join any Data-Science-London meetup you will be interested to know:




In this post I will share what's defining my drive in the quantified self.

designing sleep monitors prototype 3

In order to verify my arduino based prototype, by the end of 2011, I decided to use the depth infrared camera from a kinect to verify "visually" that it works.

I am not going to watch 8 hours of someone sleeping, I'll just get a computer to do that, so I learned some basics for "computer vision" in R.
Here I am using frame subtracting by importing each greyscale frame from the depth camera and subtracting it to the next frame. This way I can identify changes and how small/large are these changes between each frame.
Here is a sample,

designing sleep monitors prototype 2

Please check out the first part of my sleep monitors series first.
Back in May 2011, unsatisfied with the "software" solution I developed with the first prototype, I started developing a "hardware" based solution to develop a contactless sleep actigraph monitor.

And that's what I came up with:

designing sleep monitors prototype 1

A few years ago, I was looking to improve my sleep. Measuring it would be a start. However I was not satisfied with any sleep monitors on the market.

opening Heartmath emwave2 database

Inspired by Dave Asprey's bulletproofexec post on the Heartmath emwave2 I decided to get one.

I found the device great to quantify meditation/mindfulness sessions. However the software is really limited, so I started to look around the harddrive for the data.It turns out you can find your emwave results stored in a sqlite database file in My Documents\emWave\emwave.emdb.

Withings Smart Body Analyser WS-50

This week I received the Withings Smart Body Analyser or WS-50. I already had their original wifi scale so it was able to integrate my previous weight/fat history with the new scale. The WS-50 in addition to weight and body fat measure adds resting heart rate, temperature and CO2 measurements.

we must go deeper

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